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Ramp is Very Special

Ramp DSC_3014p2x2When you meet Ramp, you instantly know he is something special. He is mellow, but has no problem running with the pack. ALL the dogs love him, and he enjoys all of the other dogs – even those with less than stellar manners. He also dishes out affection to the volunteers and visitors; ever so gently leaning his big self into you for a pet and a little conversation. Ramp also has that most elusive, most special quality in a GSP – he’s good on a leash!

Ramp is also special in a medical-needs sort of way. He takes medication for epilepsy twice a day, which controls his epilepsy perfectly, and has for years, as long as it is given in 12 hours increments.

While a lot of adopters might be able to handle the medication, we are looking for a very specific type of adopter that can manage something called pica – where Ramp occasionally eats something he should not. To control and monitor this, an adopter needs to have Ramp with them, within their sight – or he can have a basket muzzle on and roam the house and yard. If you leave him alone, a crate must be used – which is no problem as Ramp likes his crate and taking naps on the big comfy blanket within.

While Ramp doesn’t object one bit to the measures needed to keep him safe, it has been finding the adopter that has a compatible lifestyle that has been the challenge. ¬†We know there is one out there, however, and we will keep Ramp safe until we find that perfect forever home!

Learn more about this very special guy here.

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