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Ranger is Safe!

Ranger GSP Rescue injured hit by carA week ago Monday, while rescuing Banksy (you will soon hear more about him), California GSP Rescue was notified about a Pointer, later to be named Ranger, in a local shelter that had been hit by a car. The notification came from a volunteer we work with at the shelter along with a request to help him. A call was quickly made to Volunteer David to see if he could get to the shelter and he immediately replied that he could. However, knowing the dog was injured and would need to be seen by a Vet, arrangements needed to be made to get him to see Dr Kang. A few additional calls were made, and Volunteer Dana was quick to answer back that she could get him to the Vet. The founder of California GSP Rescue, Jan Flaherty, made arrangements with Dr Kang to see the new boy early the next morning with tentative plans to operate, if needed.

Ranger originally had been adopted from the shelter where he was currently located. Several days prior to him showing up at the shelter, he had been hit by a car. The owner found him and, instead of taking him to a Vet, decided to treat him. With a vacuum hose and tape, Ranger was bandaged up without x-rays or antibiotics. Fortunately, Ranger ended up back at the shelter. Yes, fortunately because in addition to a broken leg he had an infection and wasn’t receiving the medical attention he needed. While the shelter doesn’t have the resources to treat injured dogs, they are able to reach out to rescues for help. When rescues are not located to help, the dogs are put to sleep. Fortunately, Ranger was a Pointer, and California GSP Rescue was notified.

The shelter stated that they were concerned that the leg may need to be removed because of the infection.  When Ranger was seen by Dr Kang, surgery was immediately scheduled but was postponed when Dr Kang saw how bad the leg was infected. He started immediately treating the infection in hopes the leg could be saved. The next morning, Ranger was taken back in the operating room where Dr Kang removed all the dead flesh and was able to set the leg with a pin. When asked, Dr Kang simply said “we’ll save the leg”. With the leg set and bandaged, Ranger went to Foster Stephanie, who spent eight years as a Vet tech and could change the bandages as needed. Stephanie has since reported, “Such a good dog. Potty trained, sleeps all night, crate trained, never lets out a peep, loves my kids, sits, loves everyone, never tries to bite when we are changing his bandage even when I know it hurts…”

Here is the part where you can help. While we are an all volunteer organization, none of the Volunteers that are Fosters receive any compensation, however, Dr Kang is not. He gives California GSP Rescue substantial discounts and donates a considerable amount of time to help support our cause. With that said. we’re looking to raise just over $1500 to pay for Ranger’s surgery. Any donation is greatly appreciated but even a small donation will help. If just 80 people give $20, we’ll raise what we need to pay for Ranger’s surgery. That isn’t much to ask for this amazing dog that is lucky to be alive.

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