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Raymie is Adopted!

Sweet, lovable, clingy, smart, puppy Raymie is adopted! This poor little guy came to the rescue with not one, but two broken legs. Thanks to the support of many wonderful people, including our Rescue Heroes and their monthly donations, Raymie got the surgery and recovery needed to be ready for adoption. and his adopted family? Well, let’s just say they are pretty high on our “favorite” list. Raymie is the TENTH dog they have adopted from the CA GSP Rescue! Robert and Roberta have adopted young, adult, and senior GSPs from us and always worked through whatever issues any of them may have had – giving them all a wonderful and accepting home.

The last adoption Robert and Roberta made was a young GSP with, believe it or not, a broken leg! In their home, he recovered and thrived – playing almost non-stop with his GSP brother. When the older dog passed away, Trooper was in need of a brother again, and we were overjoyed to hear they were interested in giving Raymie a forever home. This would be their first non-purebred GSP, but they thought he was just as adorable as we did. Even better, he was a confident and accepting dog – just right for the pack.

And, as they always do, Robert and Roberta accept little Raymie for what he is – which turns out to be mostly not GSP! They had a DNA analysis done just for fun. The results? Half of him is made up of Cattle Dog, Lab, Staffordshire Terrier and Boxer and the other half is “unknown”. Perhaps that is the half that contains German Wirehaired Pointer as we guessed from our first meeting?  Raymie’s new family wasn’t too awfully surprised at the Cattle Dog portion of their new guy. As Roberta says, ” That dog don’t hunt, but he does herd the snot outta everything! ”

They told us Raymie has been “too much fun” and “He’s definitely a new experience for us. But, I’ve always been interested in competitive dog agility, and I think Raymie is the dog for that.  Already started on basic obedience skills, which he cannot get enough of.”

Raymie, you are going to have quite a wonderful life!

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