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Read This – Because It’s Important!

DanteDo you look at dogs on social media needing homes, dogs in dire circumstances, and your heart just aches for them? We do too. That’s why we volunteer. Sometimes literally several hours a day, seven days a week. And, if our time and our love was enough, then every dog would be safe and have a home. Every dog would be spoiled with warm, soft bedding, trips to the beach, and plenty of play time with their people, but unfortunately, time and love are not enough, and we need money to do what we do. We are asking for your help.

Over the 30+ years the California GSP Rescue has been around, we have learned to use our funds frugally. As one member recently said, “we straighten out the old nails and use them again!” and he isn’t too far off from the truth. It is important to us that every dollar we take in is used in a way that benefits the dogs. We look at each little soul that comes to us and try to figure out what makes them tick, what makes them more adoptable, and what we can do for them until the right special-someone comes along. For some dogs, it is simply a neuter or spay surgery and they are on their way. For some it is extensive surgery, chemo, rehabilitation, behavior modification, medication, and other ways that stretch our funds beyond normal limits. Amazingly, there always seems to be someone to step up and help with medication, changing bandages, fostering, and training – but there isn’t always the money.

So, we are asking you to donate towards our race tomorrow to our Strut Your Mutt Team, to help us make their little lives better. We realize not everyone has the right circumstances to give of their time, but anyone can say, “I helped that dog be happy and healthy” by giving a little – or a lot.

We are just one day away, and still far from our goal. We are just a little over half way there, and we appreciate those that help fund our efforts more than you can know!

You can help by donating here. Donate Here

Thank you for your support, so that we can continue to make life better for GSP’s in need.

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