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Reasons to choose (Two) GSPs!

Kasey_Sasha_DSC_9848w64-300x300A little over two years ago, a bonded pair was relinquished to the California GSP Rescue – much like  Charlotte and Clyde recently were.  We realize very few people start out with the intention of adopting TWO at once, so we asked double-adopter Victoria to share her story in hopes it will spark a “maybe I can” thought in someone’s head. Hopefully, this will be the beginning of Charlotte and Clyde’s happy-ever-after story; just as Victoria seeing Sasha and Kasey on our website was the beginning of theirs…

“Everyone has a reason for choosing a particular breed. Mine is unique. Although I don’t remember the event, I have heard the story often and know many details. When I was 18 months old, my Dad’s hunting dog Jose (a GSP), saved my life from a fire. The coal damper closed improperly and the furnace fire flashed into the coal bin and set it afire. Dad at work and Mom in town shopping, I was left with a nanny who was hanging laundry outside. Jose barked and barked and the nanny ignored her until Jose went and pulled on her skirt. when the nanny turned to shoo away Jose, she saw the flames leaping and ran to get me and a neighbor’s son out. Three miles out of town, the house burned to the ground, leaving the family with only the clothes on their back. Jose was my close companion until her death at 14. As an adult, I adopted another GSP when she was retired from the show ring and she also lived to 14. Her life changed a lot going from living mostly in a crate to free range of patrolling a tree farm with Australian shepherds.After my divorce I moved away from the Christmas tree farm I previously owned but missed my dogs. As soon as I bought a home, I needed dogs. It was always my plan to have two. It just seems like a good plan to me to not have an “only child.” I thought I would get a GSP and started looking for a GSP Rescue. My 2nd dog was going to be from the local rescue and just whatever caught my eye.

Once I found the California GSP Rescue I started looking at their “available dogs for adoption.” It was a short journey. I saw a photo of two “sisters” (although not related) and immediately fell in love. When I was contacted by Cindy I told her I wanted the sisters and she said don’t you want to meet them and I said NO. Unless they are very dysfunctional, I want them. I already knew they would be wacky. LOL!

Sasha and Kasey are 7 weeks apart in age and have been together since they were a few months old. They are very bonded but each has a unique personality. Kasey is tolerant of most anything and Sasha is more stand-offish although both love meeting new people. They are particularly fond of kids and very gentle with them. I was looking for dogs that were past the “puppy” stage as I have some mobility issues. I was attracted to the fact these two were 6 1/2. Sadly no one gave them the memo about dogs over 5 being less active. Kasey will play fetch until her human falls over. Sasha enjoys running along with her sis but isn’t much for fetching. Sasha is more destructive, digging and eating veggies in my garden while Kasey looks at her like “you should know better sister!” Sasha also knows how to lift the bottom latch on the crate and slither out; she then lays on the floor next to Kasey. Guess what ???? no crate for about 2 years now. LOL!

This year we discovered dog-friendly areas away from the desert. We have been to the dog beach at Bolsa Chica and many places in the San Luis Obispo and Morro Bay area.  They love cooler weather, the smell of the sea and ability to go to so many dog friendly restaurants.

They have been by my side through a health crisis and two knee replacements. I couldn’t ask for more devoted girls. Our devotion to each other continues to grow and I am thankful every day that they needed me as much as I needed them on the fateful date April 28, 2012 when they came to their furever home. They will be 9 this Fall.”

Victoria, and a few other adopters, have stepped forward to adopt bonded pairs to keep them together. We haven’t heard from any that regretted it – maybe Charlotte and Clyde are meant for you?

Clyde Charlotte DSC_0108 w290

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