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Reggie is Adopted!

REGGIE_ADOPTIONReggie is Adopted! Sometimes, it just takes the right family with the right experience for a dog to thrive. Such is the case with Reggie, who was given up twice. Reggie was an adult male German Shorthaired Pointer that was surrendered to the shelter by his owners because he wasn’t a good fit in their home. The family had adopted Reggie from a friend who was retiring him as a hunting dog a year prior, and while they had a large yard, they had little time for exercise and training. It was difficult for us to understand how anyone could give up this sweet and typical GSP,  and Joe and Barb felt the same way when they met him!

Joe recently sent us an update, which definitely warms our hearts… “Just wanted to drop you a quick note and tell you that Reggie, the little Rascal is doing great, what a personality. He has really adapted to the homestead, now playing ball with our Gauge, an older male. He really loves the freedom of cruising through the grove looking for whatever. He is excellent about coming when called and therefore makes an excellent “let’s go for a walk” companion. My wife and I are really amazed that two families would give him up, and at the same time are so pleased that they did as he constantly brings joy to our hearts and smiles to our faces.”

Even though Joe will soon get a younger GSP to train and join him on hunts, he and Barb also felt very strongly about rescuing and providing a good life for an adult GSP. We are so grateful they decided to give Reggie his final and forever home!

You can follow Reggie’s journey from the shelter to his adoption day here.

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