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Remembering Kiwi

Kiwi was a born water dog and loved playing fetch and made some incredible leaping catches like the one here with four paws off the ground!  If Kiwi would have had two legs instead of four, she most likely would have been drafted into the Major Leagues!

Kiwi’s ball playing abilities didn’t go unnoticed. While Kiwi wasn’t eligible to play for the Padres, her ball playing talents were immediately spotted by Dan, a previous adopter when he recently visited the rescue one Saturday morning.  A short time later Dan and his family took Kiwi home.

Last year Kiwi was diagnosed with osteosarcoma but that didn’t stop her from wanting to play ball. Unfortunately, in the past few months her condition got progressively worse.  Earlier this week, Kiwi passed away.  Dan said “Kiwi was a great dog and we will miss her”.

To Dan, Catherine, Zeke, Ty and Annah…We are deeply sorry for your loss and we want to thank you for choosing rescue and for providing Kiwi with a loving, caring home where she could blossom and live out her last months knowing she was treasured and loved.

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