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Remembering Missy: Dear Little Girl

In April of 2009 a Senior GSP named Missy was adopted by a wonderful person named Wendy. Early this month, Missy passed away. The following is a tribute written to Missy by Wendy.

“OK, Missy!  Dear little girl.
Every time I get up for anything, you’d know, and would be there.  How you knew, I don’t know since you were deaf!  But you were always with me, stuck like glue.  No separation anxiety for you!  Even now, when I move, I have to look for you behind me or under my feet! I don’t want to trip over you.  Your bad lower spine, you know.
You were a Senior rescue so I got to love you for only for 2 1/2 years. But what a blessing you were.  I was lonely; you were my companion.  I had no children; you were my “child.” I felt blue; you got me outside.  My knee and back hurt; you’d make me take multiple walks, yes, rain or shine.  I’d get sad; you’d enjoy me talking to you and stroking you.  I’d be happy, and, you’d enjoy my hugging you and petting your little head!
You still make me laugh!  You do!  You curled up on your little round dog mat, 10 times too small for you.  You gave me “the eye” (steady non-blinking stare) when you wanted to walk but didn’t feel the need to get up to nudge me.  You leapt for and grabbed the poopie bags tied to the handle of the leash, and bounded to the gate, shaking your head vigorously back and forth. You’d sit tall on your mat, quiet like a sphinx, so elegant and so regal, with your sloe-eyes taking in everything.  And, sometimes, you’d sleep upside down with your paws in the air!  So funny!  You had endearing and joyous traits!
I tell you, Missy, with your administrations, there is no doubt in my mind that you extended my life and enhanced my well being, too! We were good for each other!  Yes, we were. Shoot and gall darned, Missy!  I miss you.”

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