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Remi à Queue Courte

Remi is a little 6-year-old female with a little bobbed tail. She is quiet and very affectionate. She knows “sit” “stay” “come” and “go lay down.” She’s very good with other dogs but needs time in the home to adjust to their personality.  She’s in great health and has plenty of energy, but has a very calm, gentle demeanor in the house.  She will need off-leash training, yet is very well-behaved on-leash and does not pull or strain more than easily manageable.

Remi originally came from a breeder to a family who adopted Remi and one of her pups, where both dogs lived for three years. Unfortunately the family, anticipating the arrival of a baby, decided to give up Remi and just keep her pup. She is a great dog and would need to be an inside/outside companion. (She’s learned how to use a dog door at her foster home.)

If you would like to meed Remi, please complete an adoption application.

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