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Remi Is Safe!

remi gsp dog shelterRemi was a frequent visitor to the shelter having escaped his yard on several occasions and then being picked up by animal control. On one of those occasions, California GSP Rescue was alerted of a found dog and helped reunite him with his owner making suggestions to the owner on how to better secure the yard.  When Remi showed up at the shelter his last visit, we didn’t make the connection that he was the same found dog from several months prior but were told by the shelter that the owner was known and had been contacted. Remi sat for over a week at the shelter waiting while we monitored him to see if his owner would claim him. It isn’t that uncommon for found dogs to sit in the shelter that long while the owners are notified. It’s required that shelters hold stray dogs five business days. Ten business days if the dog has a microchip – well worth the cost of the chip. 

After Remi wasn’t claimed by his owner, he was made available to the public. When he wasn’t adopted, he was made available to rescue. Suspecting he wouldn’t be adopted because very few adult (and older) dogs are adopted from shelters, tentative plans has already been made to have a Volunteer Spring pick him up. When she did pick him up, and Remi was safe, the shelter notified her about Remi being picked up and brought to the shelter several times prior. While it’s disheartening Remi  sat in the shelter and wasn’t claimed by his owner, his life changed forever when he was rescued by California GSP Rescue.

California GSP Rescue will diligently look for a forever home for Remi that can provide the love as well as a secure yard he so much needs. His adopter will be able to give him the exercise that an adult GSP requires as well as continued training. Anyone with a well trained dog will tell you that training doesn’t end after the 6 or 8 week obedience class but is an ongoing learning process for the owner and dog.  Above all, California GSP Rescue is committed to assisting Remi’s adopter with any issues they might encounter, for the rest of Remi’s life.

Very shortly, we’ll be posting Remi’s bio. You can assist us by sharing his bio post and any other photos on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other social media you have. We know the perfect family for Remi is out there, we will just need help finding them! If you would like to do more, please consider making a donation to support our efforts. There is a cost to caring for Remi as well as the other GSPs we rescue. Any donation you can give is greatly appreciated.

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