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Remy and Beau are Safe!

remy-and-beauRemy and Beau are two sweet and wonderful pointers that are now safe after being surrendered by their owner to the shelter due to financial issues and a loss of his home.

Beau has Addison’s disease, and he is quite fortunate to have gone to a shelter willing to do a thorough vet exam and treat him for this. Fortunate, because a shelter has no obligation to hold dogs surrendered by their owners. Unlike a stray, there is no mandatory time to wait for someone to claim them. A dog with a known medical issue would be too expensive for many shelters to keep. Many shelters would look at the possibility of adopting out an adult dog as bleak, and adopting one with a medical issue as even more difficult – and many shelters would make the decision to euthanize them.

Beau and Remy were quite fortunate that the shelter reached out to California GSP Rescue for help. They knew that a breed-specific rescue might have more luck in placing these two boys together. Beau and Remy have spent all of their lives together and the shelter staff could see they would experience less stress if they could stay that way.  The shelter also knew we’d have a better chance of finding someone who understands the breed and the exercise required by an active adult pointer! While most adopters going to shelters prefer young dogs and puppies, experienced GSP owners know the value of an adult dog!

Addison’s is an easily treatable disease and dogs with this ailment live long and normal lives. Beau certainly doesn’t know he has it – and it doesn’t slow him down. As we get to know these boys, we can see Beau is quite a happy dog, and a dedicated lizard hunter. Remy is the mellower of the two and is constantly looking for snuggles. We think any home willing to take these two boys together will be happy they did – they are a fun and special pair!

Our special thanks to Melissa and Carli at the Humane Society for trusting us to find these boys a forever home, and to Volunteer Greg for making sure they got to us safely.

Last but not least, thank you to those of you that make donations and allow us to continue rescuing dogs. As an all volunteer organization there isn’t a portion of donations designated for salaries. All donations go to helping provide for the dogs until a forever home can be found.

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