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Rhee is Adopted!

Rhee is adopted Bob PattyRhee is adopted!  Her new family, Bob and Patty, are long-time GSP owners and knew that 6 years old is just an awesome age for a shorthair. They knew shortly after meeting her that she was the right dog for them and wrote shortly after adopting, “everything went well meeting Greg and Rhee and Patty and I liked her immediately. After taking care of business we brought Rhee home and showed her around the property. She figured it out very quickly and spent a quiet night in the house on her bed. I think she was tuckered out! We are going to take her conditioning very slowly, besides being overweight, she is a little on the weak side. We will keep the walks to short ones for now until she is ready for more. Thanks again, she is going to be perfect for us. She is a sweetheart!”

Well, that update alone would have been perfect, but we got even more good news a few weeks after the adoption, “Rhee continues to feel more and more comfortable here. She has adjusted to her new routine quickly, loves the 2 1/2 acres to patrol, and knows where she belongs already. She is slowly shedding some excess weight with lots of exercise, she really likes the grasslands area where she gets to get off her leash when nobody else is around. German Shorthair heaven! She can run and run…She is also very easy around the house, seems to get along with other dogs just fine though she is often not interested. She has interacted well with our granddaughters and neighbor children also. We couldn’t be happier!”

Why was this update such good news? Well, this new beginning for Rhee is SO much better than what was almost her ending. Poor Rhee was given up to the shelter by her owners because she fought with other dogs and didn’t “appreciate” children. They didn’t take her to the shelter just to relinquish her, they asked the shelter to euthanize her. The shelter recognized a good dog despite the stories, and contacted California GSP Rescue. We didn’t hesitate as we’ve seen this story many times before; a great dog in the hands of a not-so-great dog owner. Sure enough, Rhee just needed people like Bob and Patty.

Our many thanks go out to Bob and Patty for adopting an adult dog with some “issues” and giving her exactly what she needed!

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