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Rizo is Safe!

Rizo Safe Daniel Gracie Pointer CAGSPRescueRizo was adopted from a local kill shelter after showing up and being held the mandatory five days. Shortly after she showed up at the shelter, California GSP Rescue was notified and made contact with the shelter to learn more about her. We were told she would be adopted if she wasn’t claimed by the owner. A small sigh of relief that someone was interested in her, however, we kept tabs on her until she was adopted a few days later. Unfortunately, about a week later, we were notified about a dog at the same shelter and, after investigating, we learned it was Rizo, She had been returned because she went after the family cat! Not unusual for hunting breeds…

Knowing Rizo had already been held the mandatory five days, we knew the shelter didn’t have to hold her any longer, and could put her to sleep at anytime. California GSP Rescue didn’t waste a precious moment. Volunteer Daniel had been on alert when Rizo was at the shelter the first time, and had even gone by the shelter to learn more about her. When he heard she was returned, he immediately made plans with Volunteer Gracie to go after work, pick her up, and transport her. Later the same night she was pulled, and Rizo made it to California GSP Rescue.

How did she get the name Rizo? At California GSP Rescue, the Volunteers helping transport get the honor of naming dogs without names. Sometimes the dog’s personality helps determine the name while other times the name could hold another meaning. You’ll need to watch the video to see this complicated process unfold!

A big thanks to Volunteers Daniel and Gracie for making sure Rizo was safe. As an all volunteer organization, California GSP Rescue relies on individuals like Daniel and Gracie who give their time willingly to see dogs are safe. Sometimes, there might be several months between opportunities to help as is the case with Daniel and Gracie. However, once asked, they are always more than willing to help. Thank you, Daniel and Gracie, for helping save Rizo!

If you would like to help sponsor Rizo while she is in our care, please consider making a small donation below.

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