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Robbie is Adopted!

Tyler_Julia_Vienna_Robbie_DSC_0187w64Rescue isn’t always about pulling dogs from shelters, but sometimes requires being able to help in other ways. Robbie was one of those cases. “Rescued” from out of state by a GSP lover in Southern California, it was soon evident that the adopter couldn’t provide Robbie with the attention he demanded and contacted CA GSP Rescue for assistance.

With an understanding of Robbie’s needs, we looked for an adopter that might better be able to provide for him and found one! One of the volunteers had met Tyler and Julia at a local shelter when checking on a stray GSP. Initially they thought that all the dogs in rescue were older and had health issues but soon learned that there are many dogs like Robbie – great looking dogs that need just a little work.

After speaking with the volunteer and excited to meet some of the candidates, Tyler and Julia submitted an application from the California GSP Rescue’s website and began the adoption process. After reviewing the application and an interview, the selection of candidates was narrowed down and an appointment was made so that they could meet the GSPs that were best suited for them and their Vizsla, Vienna.

While we had our fingers crossed for Robbie, they had experience and resources to deal with his issues, Tyler, Julia, & Vienna met a few of the other available candidates. After meeting all the candidates, they discussed each one amongst themselves and determined that Robbie was the dog for them.

We recently received the following update. “Julia Vienna and I love Robbie. He is settling in great and realizing we are his permanent home. His listening skills have already improved since he’s gotten here and he has made himself part of our family for good. While out on our daily hike I took some pictures of Robbie, and a quick photo of him checking out the morning woodpeckers in our trees out front, and one more of Julia Vienna and Robbie taking a nap yesterday after doing 8 miles. I think I wore them out haha. Thanks for everything!”

Thank you Tyler and Julia for choosing to adopt from California GSP Rescue!

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