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Roger Dog is Safe!

Roger Dog dsc_4095 w64California GSP Rescue gets notified about dozens of dogs every day in shelters needing assistance. Many times these dogs are not even German Shorthaired Pointers but another breed or mix of breed entirely. Every so often we are notified about a dog that looks to be a GSP or a GSP Mix in a shelter and depending on a few different factors, we will make an effort to rescue a GSP Mix.

A few weeks ago when we first learned of Roger Dog he wasn’t given much of our attention as there were at least five other purebred GSPs in local shelters we were closely monitoring and knew when their time was up that we may need to rescue. In addition, given Roger Dog’s age (under 1 year) and the fact he was cute as a GSP Mix could get, we felt he would surely be adopted before we could get him. However, after the weekend passed, we were notified from someone that frequents the shelter that he was still available and, due to a medical condition, he was unlikely to be adopted. Roger Dog apparently had been hit by a car before ending up at the shelter and would need medical attention to repair his broken leg. We knew with a broken leg Roger Dog had little chance of being adopted and it would be up to a rescue to step up to save him. We were encouraged with a pledge from one of our supporters and immediately made plans to rescue Roger Dog.

Volunteer David was contacted and happened to be available to pick Roger Dog up from the shelter and help transport. Once all plans had been confirmed, David was on his way. A big thanks to Volunteer David, Rescue Advocate Karen, the shelter Staff, and those individuals that donate to our cause. They made a difference for one dog that didn’t have many options.

We at California GSP Rescue do not shy away from older GSPs or GSPs that need medical attention like Roger Dog because we have a network of volunteers and supporters that know what we are trying to do and help us when asked. While we are aware we cannot save every dog in every shelter, with your help we can save enough to make a difference. Below is a link to an online fundraiser at YouCaring for Roger Dog. We invite you to click here and read more about the fundraiser, and how you can help Roger Dog.


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