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Roger Dog’s Surgery Explained

Dr Kang Roger Dog After Roger Dog was rescued, he was taken to College Vet Clinic where Dr Kang had been briefed and was expecting him. Dr Kang had been forwarded x-rays from the shelter vet and knew surgery was imminent. However, when Dr Kang opened up Roger Dog’s leg, he found the injury was older (over 30 days) and had already started to heal. Unsure what could be done, Dr Kang immediately informed us that he was unsure he could re-break the leg and the two remaining options would be to sew him up with a leg that he would never fully use or amputate the leg. While we let him know we would prefer not to amputate, Dr Kang spent the next five hours in surgery where he was able to re-break and set Roger Dog’s leg. Below is a video of Dr Kang’s explanation of what was done during the surgery.

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