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Rolo is Adopted!

Rolo_Bob_Jan_Jeannie_Maggie_DSC_5619w64Rolo is a very sweet and special GSP, but he has the ability to jump tall fences, which made it a little challenging to find him a home. Fortunately, along came Bob and his family – GSP owners and lovers for over 30 years that have dealt with a number of different issues. They knew they could work with this great dog and give him a good home.

We’ve recently received an update and Rolo, now Bailey, is fitting in well with the entire family and is a great companion to his GSP sister, Maggie. He has learned that Sundays are special days to visit Grandma where he is spoiled. He has also shown a behavior Bob had never seen before (and he has seen plenty of GSP behaviors!) – Bailey likes to eat apples off the tree! So far, he has been a good boy and only eaten one per visit.

Bailey’s family has also discovered he really can go over tall fences in a single bound, and bought him a big covered kennel so that he is safe when they are not home to watch him. ¬†Pictured here is Bailey with his new family Bob, Jan, Jeannie and their GSP Maggie.

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