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Rommel is safe!

Sometimes things don’t go as one plans. Take for instance Rommel. He most likely had plans to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas at home with his family. However, a few days before Thanksgiving Rommel found himself at the local animal shelter and ended up spending Thanksgiving day with a hundred or so other homeless dogs. Not near the kitchen looking for scraps. Last Thursday, when CA GSP Rescue was notified that no one was coming to claim Rommel and his time was up, we quickly made arrangements for Rommel to see Christmas. A few volunteers were notified and Friday morning, Rommel was picked up! A big thanks to Volunteer Chip for picking up Rommel and transporting him to see the Vet. We’ll have more about Rommel shortly but if you have any ideas where he might be able to spend Christmas and New Years, please, click here.

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