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Rosie Is Adopted!

Rosie is a long way from when she first came to us. Found as a stray just a few miles from the shelter, no one came to claim her, but thanks to rescue, a wonderful foster home, and someone with a huge heart, she now has a second chance to be loved, and a very bright future!

Unbelievable this sweetheart of a girl wasn’t wanted. We suspect it may have had something to do with her mammary tumors and needing surgery. Fortunately, we were able to get her the surgery she needed, and placed her in a foster home while she recovered. Once she became available, we had a very special adopter who was interested in meeting her.

Marsha came out to meet with Rosie, and fell in love with her. However, she had concerns as anyone would about the re-occurrence of any mammary tumors that may develop. We told Marsha that Rosie will need to be monitored in the future in the event any tumors return. Especially ones in her mammary tract.

Marsha had a great visit with Rosie, but wanted to go home and talk with her family and go over all of the information, medical records, doctors notes, and research more about mammary tumors before making her decision to adopt Rosie. After giving it careful consideration, we were so happy to receive the call that Marsha indeed wanted to go ahead with the adoption, and make Rosie a part of her family. 

Rosie is now known as Birdie, and she is doing great! We received a recent update about Birdie from Marsha that we wanted to share with you all.

“Birdie and I have had a happy and active first month together.  She insists on a fair amount of exercise, so every morning after breakfast we walk for an hour or two – mostly around the neighborhood and local community.  I have lost 10 pounds and Birdie has lost 3-4. Birdie gets lots of compliments from people we meet. There are lots of GSP fans.

Birdie’s underside is firming up.  I took her back to Dr. Kang to review the areas he felt need monitoring.  I also took her to the vet who cared for my Vizsla.  She did a full work-up – blood, stool, urine, heartworm testing – and all was good.  Going forward we will be watching for changes in several small lumps.

We signed up for basic obedience class at Petco.  No other dogs signed up so we had private lessons.  It was helpful and I enjoyed seeing Birdie’s initial anxiety subside and her confidence grow. Now that she is more confident her personality is emerging.  She is quirky and funny. I’m going to see if there are any”meet-up” groups near us because I think she would enjoy interaction with other dogs”.

We couldn’t be happier for both Marsha and Birdie. These are the stories that remind us why we continue to do what we do. Enjoy your new life sweet Birdie, and thank you Marsha for opening up your home and your heart for Rosie. 

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