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Roxy: Hiking Queen

roxy-cedar-fallsWe recently took Roxy on a hike to a beautiful area north of San Diego called Cedar Creek Falls, about a 4.5-mile hike out and back. We can say with assurance that Roxy is a great trail dog! Not only did she keep up, she had enough energy to pull us back the uphill trail most of the way. (Dogs are required to be on-leash the entire trail.)

Roxy may be an older dog, but she’s strong and energetic. We’re still not sure how familiar she is with swimming though. When we arrived at the lower pool, she jumped right in…only to discover there was no ground under her! She looked a little panicked and managed to swim straight out, but we get the feeling she hasn’t had much swimming experience.

Roxy loves water though. At the bay, she’ll plop right down in the shallows and roll around to cool herself down. She’s even been known to cool herself in bird baths.

roxy-in-a-dish-600xFor those of you interested in hiking Cedar Creek Falls with your dogs, you can read more about the new trail opening here. Be sure to pick a cool day (or start very early in the morning) and take plenty of water for both you and your dog! It’s an easy hike downhill to the falls but a long uphill climb back to your car. There’s cactus along the way, so keep a watchful eye on where your dog ventures off the trail.

Learn more about Roxy, and if you would like to meet this amazing girl, please take a moment to complete an adoption application.

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