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Roxy is safe!

On November 19th, Roxy and the family’s other dog, were picked up as strays. The other family dog was most likely named Lucky as the family came and picked him up but sadly left Roxy at the shelter.

When she was held the required time, California GSP Rescue was contacted by NorCal GSP Rescue and the two rescues made arrangements to get Roxy out of the shelter. This past weekend, Roxy, thanks to a number of dedicated volunteers, was transported hundreds of miles to safety.  Thanks to NorCal Volunteers Robin and Kate for helping get everything setup. Thanks to Volunteers Judy, Dalia, Colleen, and Donna for transporting Roxy. As an all volunteer rescue, California GSP Rescue relies on individuals that offer their time to make a difference.

If you are interested in learning more how you can help, please, contact us.

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