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Roxy’s Transformation

RoxyAll of the volunteers know what a difference a caring foster home can make for a dog waiting to find their forever home.  Volunteer Jenn continues to amaze all of us with what she has been able to do with her fosters.  Roxy is, again, one of those cases.

We originally thought Roxy was not great with other dogs, was okay with cats and was not great with too much activity.  We were in for a huge surprise!  Roxy now does well with most other dogs and has even been out in the field socializing at the rescue and also at the dog park with them.  She would not do well with a cat as she sees them as she does bunnies and squirrels and her hunting instinct takes over.

Roxy loves her daily walks…its not uncommon for her to take a 5 mile hike.  Her foster mom says we need to re-brand Roxy as a senior, but a very active GSP instead of a mello mama GSP.

It is thanks to a foster home that we are able to get to both watch Roxy evolve, as well as identify what may be the best home for her.

Learn more about Roxy, and if you would like to meet this amazing girl, please take a moment to complete an adoption application.

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