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Ryley is Adopted!

Ryley Katie Thomas DSC_1070w64Thomas and Katie applied to the Rescue because they wanted a young and active dog. They wanted to run with their new dog, socialize with friends and their dogs, and were hoping for a dog that was already potty trained (but they were willing to put in the work if needed).

Since they were open to a GSP mix, Ryley seemed like a perfect choice. They came out to the rescue on a Saturday and, as luck would have it, the trainer Ryley’s former owner had used, was visiting that day! (To backtrack a little, Ryley’s former owner tried hard to integrate the young and energetic pup into her home, hiring a trainer to help her, but was unfortunately unable to provide Ryley with the exercise he needed. She contacted GSP Rescue to help find him a home that could meet his needs. We thank her for bringing Ryley to us – it isn’t as easy and quick as driving to your local shelter and giving up a dog, but she knew it meant Ryley would be safe while he found his perfect match.)

Thomas and Katie spent a few hours working with Ryley, observing him with the other dogs, and talking to his former trainer about the exercise and continued training he would need. They knew this was a forever commitment, and decided to go home and think about it. Our adoption volunteer got a call just as she was leaving the rescue from Thomas and Katie who could not stop thinking about Ryley, and asked if they could they pick him up soon! Unfortunately, he was already on his way back to the kennel – but fortunately for Ryley and Thomas and Katie, another volunteer was able to meet them at the kennel on Sunday to adopt him!

We received a lovely update from Ryley’s new and forever family shortly after they adopted, Ryley is incredible!!! I can’t even fully describe how good of a pup he is. We are totally blown away by how well behaved he is and how well he is doing with the adjustment.”

We were very happy to hear that Thomas and Katie are slowly and carefully easing Ryley into his new life and home. Giving a new dog boundaries and rules makes them more comfortable and makes it easier to praise good behavior instead of constantly correcting unacceptable behavior. It is so very tempting to spoil a new dog, but setting him up for success, means rules! Here is a little glimpse into Ryley’s adjustment: “When we got to the house he was curious but not hyper or wild by any means. We spent some time showing him the house, the back yard, just letting him get familiar with everything. For the adjustment period we have him restricted to the atrium area of our house, which he seems to enjoy (it’s a pretty big space). As time goes along and as he gets more adjusted we will start opening up other areas of the house to him….It’s pretty incredible he hasn’t jumped up on any furniture or showed interest in chewing anything other than his rope or antler. Actually I take that back, he did go for Katie’s shoes last night, but we replaced it quickly with the antler and he was fine. He loves his bed. He slept in his crate last night and was totally fine. Never whined or barked. “

Katie and Thomas will continue his training, continue to give him lots of exercise, and give Ryley the best home possible!

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