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Sable Is Adopted!

Sable Pete Karen Rufus RobPete was no stranger to dog ownership.  While he hadn’t owned a GSP, he had trained, loved and cared for many breeds, and more recent, a German Shepherd and a Doberman/Rottweiler mix who both sadly passed away just six months apart at the age of 12.  They recently rescued Rufus, a Husky/German Shepherd mix, and wanted to add one more to their family.

When Pete and his wife, Karen applied with us to adopt a GSP, Pete told us he wanted to train the dog to hunt.  We were very pleased to know that Pete was looking for a family member first, and a hunting companion second.  He was also very specific that he wanted a young all liver female.

Well, the timing couldn’t have been more perfect.  Shortly after we received Pete and Karen’s application, we got a dog in that matched the exact description.  An all liver young female named Sable. There were a couple of challenges… One… Sable was a little timid around men.  Pete was not worried about that, as he was convinced he would win her heart. Our second challenge… Pete and Karen had a cat.  We cat tested Sable, and it was clear that she would be very manageable introducing her to the cat.  We knew that Sable did well with other dogs, and the last test was to see how she and Rufus would get along.

They all came out to the rescue to meet Sable, everything went great, and Sable found herself a forever home.  Thank you Pete and Karen for opening up your home and your hearts to a GSP in need of a family to call her own.

We have recently received an update that Sable is making herself right at home.  Be sure to check out our Facebook Page, as we will be posting some photos of Sable in her new home throughout the day.

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