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Sadie is finally comfortable

Sadie is almost perfect. I realize being her foster mom makes me a little biased, but I couldn’t ask for a better dog to have around. We thought she was very polite and obedient, which she is. We thought she got along with all dogs, which she does. We thought she didn’t like to play with toys and with us, we were wrong! After  a few weeks in foster care, I think she finally feels comfortable enough with us to play tug. She will let us chase her around the yard now, even begs us  to “come get me”. Sadie was friendly with everyone and wanted pets from any willing human from the first hour I met her. Little did we know, she was holding some of her big personality back. We are so glad she finally feels comfortable enough with us to open up and, although we will miss her, we look forward to her finding that forever home. As my husband tells everyone who meets her, “she will make a someone a great dog!” He is absolutely right. ~ Volunteer Cindy

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