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Sage Update!

sage_in_cast1Sage, the GSP rescued from a kill shelter with a broken leg, is doing much better! She is starting to put weight on her leg and it looks like everything is healing nicely.

Although the break never stopped Sage from hunting the bushes in our play field, she can now do so more quickly and mostly with all four legs!

This petite GSP is also warming up to the routine and affection her foster mom is providing.  She still has one more surgery in her future to remove the pins in her leg, but we expect to see her make a full recovery Рand become a valued member of a new family very soon.

Sage’s medical bills have been quite high. Any amount you are able to contribute is greatly appreciated. Learn more here about how you can help!



sage_w29December 20, 2013 update on Sage. Sage’s cast has been removed and she is doing much better. She is using the leg when she walks but still favors it when she runs. She has a surgery scheduled after the first of the year to remove the pin in her leg that should increase her mobility. With increased mobility, Sage, like most other GSPs, needs plenty of exercise to keep her busy and out of trouble.

As for the fundraiser to pay Sage and Karl’s Vet Bill, we need to raise just under $700 to meet our goal to cover the cost of surgery for each. That amount doesn’t include the cost of the surgery to remove the pin in Sage’s leg after the first of the year but we anticipate that should be minimal . Any amount donated will be greatly appreciated.


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