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Sammi is Safe!

Sammi Freedom WalkImagine being at a shelter and seeing a sweet, young dog, that we’ll call Sammi, being dropped off by their owner. The only information given to the front desk is, “she has Lymphoma”. No medical records or test results given. Then imagine that the shelters limited resources and budget prevent the shelter from giving her the medical attention she needs. With dozens of healthy dogs waiting in kennels in hopes of finding a forever home, Sammi sits in quarantine waiting with a medical hold. Waiting for a rescue to step forward. The situation gets even worse, with the clock ticking the shelter doesn’t have the resources to run any tests, so who knows if she even really has cancer?

This was the situation when Sammi, a German Wirehaired Pointer was dropped off by her owners. Luckily, the adoption coordinator remembered California GSP Rescue. A registered partner that, over the years, had rescued many Pointers, some sick needing medical attention, from the shelter. Without a GWP rescue around to help, California GSP Rescue looked to be her only chance. We had recently been down this road with Alissa, who actually came from the same shelter. Although we realized there might be difficult days ahead for Sammi, CA GSP Rescue volunteers felt this was the right thing to do.

And so, Volunteer Greg reached out to the shelter, and arrangements were made for us to take her in. As she often does, Volunteer Lisa juggled her work schedule to go to the shelter, and take sweet Sammi away. She met Greg – who took Sammi immediately to the vet for a biopsy. If this was cancer, we wanted to know what kind and start looking into treatment options right away.

As several days passed since she was first pulled from the shelter, all the volunteers waited anxiously for results. When the results arrived, everyone celebrated that she didn’t have cancer! However, the celebration was short as the situation is still grave. Sammi is still sick and more tests need to be run. While tests are currently being done to properly diagnosis her, we hope whatever it is can be cured or managed. We will not let Sammi down. 

Our Rescue Heroes provide monthly support so that we can always say “yes” to dogs like Sammi. Please consider becoming a Hero today.  


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