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Sammi’s Top 4 Reasons to Strut Your Mutt

Hi, guys! Sammi here. With all of the excitement of football season kicking off, my new best friends at the GSP Rescue let me take over  today to tell  you what I’M most excited about this Fall. (Well, other than finding my FURever family, of course!)

It’s the Strut Your Mutt charity dog walk October 20, 2018 in L.A. I mean, what’s more exciting than a long walk with your Best Friends?  I’m pretty pawsitive there’s nothing better, but in case you need a little nudge to join us, here are my Top 4 Reasons to join Team CA GSP Rescue:

  1. It’s a REALY good time. Trust me, this isn’t just a dog walking event… it’s a fundraising festival that includes interactive games and activities for 2-legged AND 4-legged friends, so it’s perfect for the whole family. Just imagine doggie yoga, pet portraits, refreshments, music, contests, pet massages and more! Sounds like a pawty to me!
  1. We’ve got A LOT of work to do. (And we can’t do it without you.) I’m so lucky that my friends at the rescue found me and are taking such good care of me. They told me they can do that because of you. Remember that everyone who takes care of my friends and I, are volunteers (thanks, guys!) and that they take care everything we need—from getting us out of shelters and into forever homes, to providing housing, food, and medical care. If they stop raising money, that would mean that other dogs in shelters won’t be as lucky as me, and that’s not something I want to think about. Instead, I think we should just help them reach their $10,000 goal (wow that’ll buy a lot of cookies!) so they can keep doing their important work.
  1. All of the shelter animals are counting on us. I just found out that 4,100 dogs and cats are sent to animal heaven every day in America’s shelters because there is no one to help them or give them a home. Isn’t that something everyone should know about? Strut Your Mutt is an event that raises awareness of this and I think it’s important that we help!
  1. Our team has REALLY cool prizes. I love treats and rewards and I’m guessing my human friends do too! My friends are working on some pawsome prizes for the team members who raise the most money. They’re gonna tell you about that later, but trust me…it’s good stuff! What I CAN tell you is that we have the best limited-edition team t-shirt ever and I got permission to share it with you. Drumroll, please…ta-da!

                shirt back









So, there you have it, guys! See why I’m so excited?

What do you say? Wanna go for a walk?



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