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Sasha and Beau Are Adopted!

When Danielle applied to adopt, she mentioned that her family would eventually like to have two dogs. They knew it would be better to adopt one at first and get that dog settled before bringing in another. They came out and met young Sasha and thought she’d be a great fit for their active family. But they also saw and really liked Beau – an older English pointer with a goofy attitude. They didn’t want us to pass up any opportunities for him to get adopted, but they did say if he was still with us once Sasha was settled, they’d like to come back and take him home.

Fast forward a couple of months, and Beau was still in his foster home. Because he had Addison’s disease, he didn’t have many families interested in him. However, Danielle and Meyer could see what a great dog he was, and had no problem with the daily medication and monthly injection he needed. Beau had finally found his forever home! 

Sasha is now Peaches, and Beau is – wait for it – BeauNana, and they are loving each other and their new family! When we asked for an update on the pair, we got this wonderful reply:

“Where do I begin?!  The love we have for these two is immeasurable. They have fully bonded and love every minute together. Each morning they set out on their daily adventures around the vineyard, ending in a wrestling match outside the kitchen window. They play hard, love hard and live the best life.Bea u does an amazing job with his daily meds, and is he best patient for his monthly shot. We ran labs on him a few weeks ago, and he looked great for his age and disease. We often sing “Ebony and Ivory” to these two as they are resting because they are NEVER apart. They love visiting the horse neighbors and getting “cookies” for good behavior. We can’t thank you enough for these blessings.  Beau and Peaches make us smile every night and every morning”.

Danielle and Meyer, we can’t thank YOU enough for giving an older dog a second chance and adding TWO more to your family!

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