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Sasha and Kasey get adopted!

Victoria recently contacted GSP Rescue, ready and willing to keep these two sisters together. After meeting them, she was hooked and decided to take them home. We recently received this update, “OMGosh !!!!  they want to play fetch ALL THE TIME.  I finally got them tired…

They love riding in the truck….  They did simple commands and gently took their treats from my 4 1/2 y/o great niece which I was very pleased about.

They went to the groomer to get rid of their first layer of dirt.  That won’t be a common practice , especially since I am known for my excellent dog soap.”  (Victoria has her own soap-making business, so Sasha and Kasey will be pretty smelling from now on!)

Victoria closed her email to us with the words we love to hear, “Thank you so much for helping with my adoption.  I love my girls.”

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