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Scarlett Is Adopted!

We are SO happy to let you know that Scarlett is adopted! Poor Scarlett waited for her forever family for far too long. She came to us with severe allergies and infections which took quite some time to diagnose and treat. Scarlett, however, remained a sweet, wiggly dog the whole time, and quickly became a favorite of all the volunteers. Volunteers Greg, Spring and Jeff took Miss Scarlett to her many vet and dermatologist appointments, and she even enjoyed a few sleepovers with Spring! Finally, we found a foster home to continue the healing. Volunteer Stephanie and her family took great care of her, as we waited for just the right family.

And then we got an application that looked just perfect for her! Brooke and Jordan already had a dog that had given them quite an education on dealing with allergies. Scout had both food and environmental allergies, and after much work and trial and error, his people learned to deal with them and give him some relief. Scout is also a playful 1-1/2 year old and Brooke and Jordan hoped for a buddy for him. Scout came to the meet-and-greet appointment dressed in his best bow tie to impress, and they were instant friends!

Even more importantly, Brooke and Jordan were ready to give Scarlett the care she needed to be healthy and thrive. They were experienced in handling the allergy symptoms and finding the right food; they were exactly what she needed! On Scarlett’s very first night in her new home, she and Scout were already playing and having a great time. Brooke told us, “I think it’s a match made in heaven” – that’s exactly what we were thinking!

Thanks to all who donated, Scarlett got the treatment she needed. She also had an allergy panel to find out what she was allergic to, and will begin getting shots of a serum soon to desensitize her to those allergies. We will be anxiously awaiting an update from her new family, and hope her future is itch-free!

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