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Schubert Is Adopted!

Schubert German Shorthaired Pointer GSPWe are happy to announce, that Schubert is adopted!  This sweet and energetic young dog is now named Cash, after his new families favorite musician. Although Cash is good with some dogs, he doesn’t always mesh well with others, so being the only dog of Sandra and Nathan, and enjoying playing with their three children each day, is just perfect for him! Very often, a dog that doesn’t have perfect doggy-socializing skills, can develop them over time with training, exercise and attention; Schubert is getting plenty of all that!

Schubert had been little challenging for CA GSP Rescue to place. Although many people are interested in a young GSP, few are ready for the exercise and attention a two year old GSP requires.  Luckily, Sandra and Nathan knew they could handle him with thorough exercise twice a day, training, and lots of love! They reported to us early on, “We still plan to continue exercising him 2x a day, and we can already see the benefits on his behavior. ” It seems they have quickly discovered the secret to a two year old GSP!

They have been pleased to discover Cash is fully house-trained and “He is also sleeping quietly in his crate bed all night long and seems to be adjusting well to the kiddos. We are very proud of him.” 

 And, most importantly, Cash’s new family says, “He is such a sweet dog! We feel very blessed to have been matched with him.”  

While not everyone can accommodate the needs of a young GSP, we can all help find them homes! 

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