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Scout is Adopted!

Scout Gracey Austin Amanda DSC_0103w64Austin and Amanda made a marathon trip traveling well over four hours each way in one day to meet and adopt Scout.  Gracie, Scout’s new blue Great Dane sister, and he enjoyed a pup-achino at Starbucks on their drive home together, and are learning each others’ boundaries.

Austin had wanted a GSP for a while, and as they got Gracie acclimated, they were ready to add another dog into their lives.  Amanda and Austin are prepared to manage Scout’s ability to jump over fences and have great experience owning and caring for dogs.

Scout has already begun to bond with Austin who intends to run Scout each morning, and Scout and Gracie are bonding well.

We appreciate adopters that are up to the challenges of a not so “turnkey” dog, and are willing to take the steps to train and work with them so that they can thrive in their new home.

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