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Senior GSP Lolli Is Safe!

Lolli is SafeLolli, a senior GSP, showed up at a remote shelter with a mass on the back of her neck. While at the shelter, she was diagnosed with Pyometra. It’s hard to imagine no one coming to the shelter to claim their senior German Shorthaired Pointer, but then again, the shelters are full of disposable pets. Animals that were desired by someone at one moment when they thought they wanted a dog but then realized the dog needed to be fed, exercised, trained, or, even worse, medical attention. The unwanted dog ends up at the thrift store for animals. The Goodwill Store for dogs that dig up the backyard because they are bored, jump on you you because they were never trained, go over fences because they cannot stand being left alone without any attention. However, unlike a thrift store, the majority of shelters only hold strays for a week. After one week, the dog can be put to sleep.

Fortunately, Lolli ended up at a shelter that had worked with California GSP Rescue in the past helping find adult GSPs homes. Not only did they reach out to see if we would help with Lolli but they provided her with the necessary medical attention she needed. Knowing Lolli had been at the shelter for over the amount of time required, a call was immediately made to Volunteer Andrea. After explaining the situation and asking if she could assist with the transport, Andrea immediately agreed to help. The first day she could transport was over the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend. Not an easy day to find volunteers to transport as many were out of town or spending time with family. However, another few calls were made. Volunteer Jeff got back stating he would be happy to help. He planned to take and make it a family event taking his wife Melissa and niece Lexi. After all, holidays are for spending time with family.

Andrea picked up Lolli from the shelter the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Early enough to avoid traffic and meet Jeff, Melissa, & Lexi at the designated location. Andrea arrived with Lolli a short time before Jeff. She spent the time giving Lolli plenty of attention. Something she most likely lacked in her previous home as Lolli was a sponge for the pets and love given by Andrea. A short time later, Andrea said goodbye to Lolli while Jeff and his family took her the rest of the way to California GSP Rescue and one step closer to her forever home. Thanks to Andrea, Jeff, Melissa, & Lexi, Lolli is safe. 

California GSP Rescue is grateful for the medical attention provided by the shelter and their assistance in helping with Lolli. In addition, we are grateful to the volunteers that helped transport Lolli over the holiday weekend. Last, we would like to thank those individuals that help California GSP Rescue financially. As an all volunteer non-profit organization, we greatly rely on individuals that give their time or make donations. If you would like to help, please consider becoming a Rescue Hero

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