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Seussa – Search and Rescue GSP!

Seussa   dsc_4865w64Seussa is doing well in her foster home.  She does well with the other dogs in the home and loves her people … Well she loves all people!  She knows a few commands such as “sit”, “stay” and “beg”.    She is also losing weight and getting in shape keeping up with her younger four legged foster siblings.  Her foster family also has noted that she’s good on a leash.  She goes to the park and is non-stop at the park making it hard to get more than a blurred picture of her!  Most of all she enjoys being part of a home and the personal attention she is getting.

In an unusual twist, her foster family has discovered Seussa is quite a good search and rescue dog. Michael, her foster dad, recently lost his wallet and was looking throughout the house for it.  They noticed that Seussa had been sticking her head in the couch oddly as if she smelled something. Michael checked where Seussa had been sniffing and found the wallet!  Her GSP hunting nose had discovered and found the wallet for them.  Seussa and her nose saved the day!

Seussa is available for adoption.  If you have room in your home and in your heart and need someone to help you find your lost wallet or maybe even your keys, please apply here.

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