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Shadow still needs our help

With only less than 16 days to go, we have met only a fraction or the costs for Shadow’s Surgery.

Fortunately, CA GSP Rescue has received a few donations to help cover part of the cost of Shadow’s $2000 surgery, however, there is still a balance of just over $1000. We are looking for 50 people to donate $20 to reach our goal by June 1st!  Please help if you can by donating and also by sharing this post!

Shadow was recently returned to the rescue when his owner passed away. When Shadow came back to the rescue, he had a large 3 lb Splenic growth which resulted in having to perform a Splenectomy.  After consulting with Dr Kang, a surgery was scheduled to remove the tumor, which without a doubt, saved his life, and Dr. Kang says his prognosis is good!

To learn more about Shadow, click here.

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