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Shasta is Adopted!

Shasta Samantha Adam Josh Saydee Khloie Samantha, Adam and their sons had been waiting for a young female GSP for about a year.  They knew they wanted to adopt a rescue, and were patient and felt “she will come to us when she’s ready”. They have a Weimaraner and a GSP, and both of their dogs are very well mannered and their sons are very adept at working with active dogs.  They came out specifically to meet Shasta as she was the female in April’s litter that was best suited to live with multiple female dogs. She was also the quietest, and wanted to fit into the pack.

We were lucky enough to have a foster volunteer that took Shasta in for a few weeks until Samantha was able to bring her home.  Stephanie both worked on all the puppy skills with Shasta, but also fell in love with her along the way.  We are always grateful for a loving foster home that helps prepare a dog for their forever home, and Stephanie is one of the best fosters around.

Shasta has been renamed Trixie and Samantha reports that she is the perfect fit for them.  She is spoiled as are Samantha and Adam’s other dogs, but is getting all of the attention and love that she deserves.

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