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Shatzi update

Shatzi was adopted earlier this year by Jim & Carol. They recently wrote, “…she’s become a great little desert dweller. She had surgery shortly after we got her to correct some health and dental issues and recovered amazingly fast. She loves going for a walk, jeep ride or even a swim in the river. When we’ve been gone for a while, like most dogs she gets excited to see us but she also has to get face to face with me where she bumps noses with me and then runs off to whatever she had been doing. We love her and she has been a great addition to our family. Thanks CA GSP Rescue.” Thank you Jim & Carol for giving Shatzi a home and keeping us updated!


Shatzi really is the sweetest dog. When she had her surgery
we took her early in the morning and the vet told us to pick her up at
4:00 pm.
At 1:00 pm the vet called us and asked us to pick up Shatzi early because
she was howling and ready to go home.
One pic shows how Shatzi is adapting to the bright sun here. The next
shows the girls telling me it’s dinner time. The third shows them resting
after a long day.
Thanks again for everything and if you need any help out this way please
let us know.
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