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Simon is Adopted!

Simon Peggy Adopted GSP RescueSimon is a very special GSP that needed just the right adopter to understand and work with him. In many ways, he is a sweet, normal, playful, ball-driven GSP! Simon just sometimes has trouble processing things and may get a little anxious, and spin or circle. Luckily for Simon, he got to spend much of his time at the rescue in a wonderful foster home. His foster family worked on basic house manners, dog manners, and finding ways to help him when he was excited – and Simon thrived!  Then, along came Peggy. She had actually been looking to adopt for several months, but either the fit wasn’t quite right or the timing wasn’t quite right, and then she saw Simon’s video, and Peggy just knew she had to meet him. She saw the lovely little dog we all knew, and her beagle CJ was quite happy with him too, so Simon got adopted!

Peggy, a repeat adopter, knew just what to do to set Simon up for success in his new home. She took time off of work and made sure he was able to gradually get used to being home when she was gone. She also knew the little growls he made when he was uncomfortable meant not to rush him – but also that they would pass as he settled into his new routine and home. Sure enough, they did, and Simon began to trust in Peggy and in his new environment. Although she loved Simon right away, she knew he needed a little time to adjust and understand.

We are always grateful and appreciative of adopters who just “get it”. They know that a dog can learn the routine and rules of a home (and should), but also that we should learn their personalities as well, and are willing to make some adjustments to help them be successful in our homes and our lives. Peggy “gets it” and is learning what things Simon likes, and what he is a bit leery of. She will help him accept those he needs to, but gradually. She’s also making sure he gets some supplements to his diet that could help him with any remaining nerve damage that exists from a possible puppy-hood disease. Most importantly, Simon is a treasured member of his forever family, and Peggy tells us, “He is indeed a little love!”

You can read more about Simon’s journey here.


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