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Simon is Learning and Growing!

Simon dsc_8498 w64Simon is Learning and Growing, and is making great progress in his foster home! He has learned to play with his foster dog brothers (a German Shorthaired Pointer Mix, a lab and a bulldog), and clearly enjoys the company of his foster family.

His foster family is making sure Simon feels secure and gets everything¬†he needs. Although we aren’t quite sure what gives Simon some of the neurological “ticks” he has (earlier distemper is a guess), but Michelle, his foster mom, has been working on helping Simon use the leg normally, he once favored, with physical exercise, good food and supplements.

Since he gets a little nervous about dogs that are behind and next to him, (he has normal eyes, but doesn’t always process what’s on the periphery), Michelle has made sure he had a slow introduction to her dogs. Now that he knows them, Simon loves having the doggy company. Best of all, Simon hardly ever favors his leg anymore and seldom circles his people. The symptoms are slowly going away, thanks to the love and attention of Simon’s foster family.

Simon’s foster family is also giving him new and fun experiences. A recent trip to the beach was much enjoyed by Simon and his pack. Check out our Facebook Page throughout the day for our man Simon looking good at the beach!

We have learned so much about Simon, thanks to his remarkable foster family. If you would like to learn more about this sweetheart of a boy, take a look here.


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