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Sisters Lend a Hand

Volunteer sew help rescue lend a handSisters Lend a Hand! Being an all volunteer organization, we rely on the help of many individuals. When Sisters Loveless and Baker offered to lend a hand, we happily accepted.

Sister Loveless, the taller gal pictured behind Razz, is from Bountiful Utah. She has finished her mission and has returned home. Sister Baker, the less tall gal with Opal, is from St. Johnsbury VT, and has another year on her mission. They are both missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints. They volunteer for 18 months to share their message and perform community service in areas away from home.

They were kind enough to help the CA GSP Rescue with making 25 sewn and lined coats for our dogs for use during the winter months. It can be very cold in the winter for the dogs that aren’t being fostered, but are boarded in kennels. These hand sewn coats will help to keep the dogs warm. Volunteer Cindy (not pictured) also helped make the dog coats.

Thank you to Sister Loveless, Sister Baker, & Volunteer Cindy for helping make these beautiful coats!

If you would like to volunteer to help us in some way, please contact us!

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