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Some “firsts” for Ebony!

Foster Dad Michael teaches Ebony to sit and stay....or is it the other way around?
Foster Dad Michael teaches Ebony to sit and stay….or is it the other way around?

We’d like to share another foster update from Ebony’s foster family. Ebony is a wonderful GSP mix just waiting for her own forever home! While she waits, foster parents Sharon and Michael are being well-trained by her….umm, we mean they are training her!

OUR FIRST MONTH WITH EBONY…has flown by!  She has become quite independent – going back and forth from the house to the patio for some time in the sun whenever she feels like it (we installed a full-length “loose” screen secured by a tension rod at the top of the doorway – she got the “hang” of using it right away).  A few “firsts” the past couple of weeks – an hour at Live Oak Park (she loved checking out all the new smells); her first shower (don’t know if she liked it, but she didn’t resist and even stood still for the cream rinse); her first day going into town with Michael to do errands (even went into the sandwich shop and socialized with other customers).

She has discovered all the squirrel and gopher holes on the property and made a few of them “Ebony-sized” – maybe she’s the answer to keeping them away!

And, last but not least, she has taken over Michael’s recliner any time he’s not in it!  Oh, and I’ll bet she thinks we’ve changed her name to “Good Girl” since we say that to her so many times every day…still not one accident in the house and sleeping all night in the crate!

We have always known what an amazing personality that Ebony has, and couldn’t be happier how nicely Ebony is settling in to her new foster home.  We appreciate all of the love and care that Sharon and Michael are giving Ebony preparing her for her forever home.

You can learn more about Ebony here.

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