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Sonny Boy is Adopted!

Sonny Boy We are very pleased to announce that Sonny Boy has been adopted!

Long time supporters and adopters, Dakota and Sarah, recently applied for a new pointer companion after loosing their two dogs. After meeting a few dogs, they fell in love with a sweet and chill German Shorthaired Pointer named Sonny Boy.

Sonny Boy had been used as a breeding dog and was given up to the rescue by his owner. As their new boy began to settle into their home, it became apparent to Sarah and Dakota that their new dog lacked socialization and was unsure around people. They have devoted themselves to training Sonny Boy, and helping him navigate the world around him.

We are so grateful for such devoted doggy-parents and committed adopters – and thrilled to see them at the rescue on some Saturdays. They are committed to giving this loving boy a second chance, and there just aren’t enough words to thank them for that!

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