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Sorrel Is Adopted!

Sorrel Adoption PhotoThere are times when living situations change and people are no longer able to care for their pets. We received a re-homing request for a beautiful young boy named Sorrel.  California GSP Rescue was happy to take him in with a promise to the owner that we would find him a wonderful family.
Fast forward a few weeks later, and we received a visit at our booth at an adoption event from Doug, Jennifer, and their 3 kids. They came to meet a different dog we had at the show, but we knew that Sorrel would fit their family perfectly. An appointment was set and the entire family and two dogs came for a visit, and as the saying goes, the rest is history.
Sorrel is now known and Gunner and is loving his new life.  We recently received an update from Jennifer that is sure to bring a smile to your face…..

“Where do I start with our boy?!?! We are beyond blessed that Gunner picked us to be his forever family. From the first day that we picked him up, he accepted all 7 of us (that is our dogs included LOL) and we became a family of 8! Our other GSP, Riley, bonded instantly with him, and ever since Gunner came into our lives they have been inseparable. They sure do make a cute pair! Both love to play all day, swim, go for walks, camping, and yes even to the office with mommy. Gunner is such a sweet and smart boy. He loves our kids, and has taken a special bond to our 2 year old. We have nick named him the “toy bandit” because he loves to steal the kids toys and hide them. He just is full of character and keeps us laughing. At the end of our busy days both Gunner and Riley love snuggle and cuddle time with us, and we are happy to give it. Truly blessed to have him part of our family. We love our boy”!!

Thank you so much, Doug and Jennifer, for giving Gunner the perfect GSP life!
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