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Spike is Safe!

SpikeFrom time to time we’ll inquire about a dog in a local shelter and we’ll get a response that states they (the shelter) think they can place the dog. Such was the case with Spike. After the initial inquiry, we received a reply from the shelter stating they thought they could find find him a home.  We were a little surprised at the response as Spike was an adult GSP, typically the shelters can place the younger dogs, and he had a golf ball size growth in the photo that look like it would need to be removed. We politely asked for them to keep us posted and to let us know if anything changed. As it so happened, the next day we received a different response from the adoption coordinator asking us if we could help. We didn’t waste any time. Arrangements were made to immediately pick up Spike so he would be safe from harm.

While there is a desire for shelters to place the dogs, there are a few things to consider. Shelters generally do not have the resources to keep dogs for extended periods of time. Because of this, some shelters will “clean out” the kennels euthanizing dogs that have been held the required amount of time to make way for incoming dogs. For the dogs that they do place, there is little done to qualify the adopter to see if they can manage the breed. There is a good percentage of GSPs adopted from the shelters by private parties that eventually make their way to the rescue. Sometimes the shelters are more inclined to work with a rescue after a dog is returned and other times the person that adopted from the shelter will contact rescue directly.

Desiring the dogs to go to forever homes, California GSP Rescue attempts to evaluate the dogs we rescue and place them in qualified forever homes. This process generally takes longer than the amount of time the shelters are able to hold a dog and we ask for the patience of the applicant while processing their application.

Watch our website for more on Spike as we get to know him!

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