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Sterling Gets Adopted!

Sterling adopted RescueSterling Gets Adopted! John and Christy applied some time ago to adopt a German Shorthaired Pointer, but had to put it on hold for a bit when Christy learned that she needed to have surgery and they thought it would be better to wait to bring a new dog home to be able to give their new family member their full attention.  A few months later, they reached out to us, to let us know they were ready.

We had our work cut out for us as John and Christy had a small dog – a Beagle named Rosie, a cat, and a horse. With limited options at the time, John and Christy were willing to wait, but also wanted to meet more than one dog as they lived quite a ways from the rescue.

We are able to socialize large and small dogs together, and also cat test dogs, but we didn’t have a horse who volunteered to come out and meet a dog.  We are able to determine if the dog will be manageable with a cat, but it would still take some training to acclimate the new dog in his new surroundings. We remained positive that with John and Christy’s willingness to work with a new dog to integrate him into their home with their cat and small dog, that the horse and the dog would be something that would just take some training and some time.

Sterling along with two other dogs seemed like a great match, and we invited John and Christy, their daughter Bailey, and Beagle Rosie out to meet them.  After spending quite a bit of time with each dog, they decided that Sterling was the one!

Sterling was not house trained, but John and Christy were devoted to helping him become an integral part of their family inside the home, and were willing to do the necessary training to teach him to go potty outside which is admirable, and shows their commitment and devotion to Sterling.

We recently received a couple of updates about Sterling that we want to share with you…

“Sterling is doing well.  He is such a wonderful addition to the family.  He is a charmer. He melted Christy’s heart the first meeting.  He is a lover. He really tries to do whatever is asked. As far as potty training, only one accident in the last week and a half and that was do to excitement.  He is getting really good on walks if by himself.  With Rosie they both need work. They compete to be lead dog.  In the morning when I am heading to work at 5am he is wonderful. He goes out takes care of business and comes in for a good morning scratch.  He then goes straight to his crate no direction needed.  At night he and Rosie hang out in there beds until bed time then he gets right in his crate. He and Rosie both curl up in their beds in the living room every evening and just hangout with the family. That is of course when Bailey is not in her room, then he hops in bed with her for the evening.  He does great in his crate at night.  He is Baileys boy.  He is still very loving to Christy and I, but Bailey is his girl.  Bailey is starting obedience training with him in about 2 weeks. On the interesting side pretty sure yesterday was Sterling’s first time ever at the beach.  No question he is a bird and water dog… he had a blast on leash.

Thank you so much for helping us find a great dog. I am pretty sure he has decided to keep us”.

We are very grateful for John, Christy and Bailey for their love and devotion to Sterling, doing the work to train him to become the dog he was meant to be. The rewards are priceless for both the dog and their family…

Be sure to check out our Facebook Page today for some photos of Sterling in his new home!

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