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Storm Is Adopted!

Storm was looking for a home. Katie and Tony adopted Luna earlier this year, and thought she would like to have a companion to hang out with to keep her company. 

They recently purchased a home with a big yard to be able to add another dog to their family. They were very excited, and applied shortly after moving in.

Storm had been picked up as a stray for a second time. The shelter knew the owner, and when they reached out to them, they said they didn’t want him back. Fortunately for Storm, we were notified, and he came into the rescue so we could help him find a forever home, and that we did.

When Katie and Tony were ready to adopt, Storm was also available, and he seemed to fit their criteria of what they were looking for. He needed to be good with other dogs, and also be able to live with the family cat. Not only did he do great with other dogs, but he also passed the cat test! However, there was one concern. He was known to mark in his foster home, and would need some training to overcome this habit. After giving them some tools to help manage this in the home, they were pretty confident that it would be fairly easy to correct in a short amount of time.

Katie and Tony fell in love with Storm’s easy going personality, and his sweetness. He also reminded them of Katie’s parents dog. He and Luna got along great, and felt that Storm would be a good balance for Luna. It didn’t take them long to decide to bring Storm home to complete their family.

We have received some updates on Storm in his new home, and they have been nothing short of wonderful!

“After a few small bumps in the road, Storm is doing totally fine and has fit into our family great. 

Greg gave us extremely helpful tips on house training and we did a lot of research. Getting Storm to do his business outside was actually a lot easier than I thought. The first few days we watched him like a hawk and corrected his indoor marking. We worked on simple obedience training, followed a potty schedule, and had plenty of walks and time outside. And of course, lots of positive reinforcement and patience. Storm hasn’t had an accident in a few days!

Our other slight bump in the road was Storm’s whining in the crate. The first night, he slept like a rock and didn’t make a peep. The second night, he whined the entire night. I think this is when we questioned if we were ready for a second dog. Luckily, you reminded us that he has gone through a lot and just needs time to transition. The next day, I did some crate training with him and we took him on a longer walk at night. He hasn’t whined since! Keeping the cat away from him made a huge difference too. The cat teases him quite a bit while he is in the crate. 

Storm is just a big old love bug. He is such a good boy and gets along with Luna so well. We are amazed at how much Storm’s presence has calmed Luna. Because of her separation anxiety, we haven’t been able to leave Luna by herself in months. Neighbors complained about her barking and she bit through a metal crate. (We found a trainer who actually worked with Luna and her prior owners. She told us Luna’s separation anxiety was ”incurable.”) We adjusted our lifestyle to include Luna as much as we can, and then relied on doggy day care and family to watch her. Today was a little bit of a miracle because we were able to leave the dogs at home while we went to church. We don’t fully trust Storm to roam free while we are gone, but he doesn’t mind hanging in the crate with some doggy jerky. I was a little anxious about coming home, Luna is an escape artist and an interior decorator. We came home to 2 calm dogs, it was a big win for us. 

It’s entertaining how total opposite Storm and Luna are. Storm is such a mellow, calm and sweet boy. He perks up right away when it is time for a walk! They are so adorable when we take them out. They walk side by side, Storm stopping to point at squirrels and rabbits, and Luna pointing at birds. It is hysterical taking these two out. 

Thank you times a million for being patient with us, and helping us find a good match for our family. We love our new, old boy”. 

Thank you Tony and Katie for your patience, persistence and care for Storm, helping him through his transitioning period, and giving him a wonderful new life in a loving home. 


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