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Sweet Little Izzy!

Izzy  dsc_0204w64Little Izzy went into foster care so we could begin to learn a little about her. She had been found in a parking lot and was having a hard time functioning as a normal dog.

Izzy is as sweet as any dog could be. She is gentle with dogs and people. Her brain seems to function well, although it doesn’t always appear to have complete control over what her body is doing. She will often “spin” or “lick” which make us think she may have some neurological damage. She is making small strides in foster care, and that is what we had hoped for with this special little girl.

When Izzy came to us, we first began working on putting a little weight on her as well as figuring out how to work with her. We’ve found that she really likes interaction with humans. She loves to get pets and to cuddle with her people, and will often “lick” the air with excitement when laying on your lap getting pets. She will also almost fold her back side up to her front when she is getting pets on her neck (her favorite place to get good human scratches). We have been working on calling her from short distances to us and working to expand it to longer distances. She can hear us call and will try to get her body to come all the way over to us and can make it often when it is a short distance, but is also learning to make it a longer distance as well.

We took a short video of Izzy. In the video, sweet Izzy is being called a short distance in the yard.  We count these small strides as accomplishments with her. As a rescue we really work to meet the needs of individual dogs in our care and realize that Izzy is a very special, gentle dog that will need a nurturing patient caring home, to help her along, continuing to make the same types of small strides.

For Izzy, every step forward is very exciting for us. Here Izzy runs in the field in a straight line which is a huge accomplishment! Take a look and learn more about this very special little girl here. Izzy Plays Ball

We are indebted to our foster families for taking a dog like Izzy into their home, to give us better insight into their personalities and special needs, and to prepare her for her forever home. Watch our website for when Izzy becomes available for adoption.

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