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Sweet Lucy Is Still Waiting For Somebody To Love

Lucy needs a special homeAs in the Freddie Mercury song by Queen, “Can anyone find me somebody to love”, Lucy’s story is all too familiar.  An incredibly sweet dog who has been waiting for somebody to love, and love her back unconditionally.

Lucy absolutely loves people, including children and enjoys the affection and attention she gets from them. She gets along with most other dogs and has also been known to sleep with a cat or two.

Lucy, at 5, has shown to be a more mellow dog, and wouldn’t need the exercise of a young GSP.  She would be happy with a leisurely walk or two a day, and spend the rest of the day snuggled up to you on the couch or wherever you are.  She is what we call your typical “velcro dog”. Lucy loves her people so much, that it is difficult for her to be away from them for long periods of time.

The perfect home for Lucy would be with someone that works from home or could take Lucy to work with them.  She is a great little traveler, and would make a great co-pilot accompanying you to all of your favorite dog friendly places.  It would also be beneficial for Lucy and her new owner, to devote some time to work with her on overcoming her separation anxiety which can be accomplished with patience, training and love.

It has been difficult for Lucy to be in a kennel, and we would really like for her to find her forever home soon.

If you feel that your lifestyle would be a good fit for Lucy, and you would like to add this loving sweet companion to your family, please apply here. Learn more about Lucy here.




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