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Sweet Scarlett Needs Everyone’s Help!

Scarlett came to CA GSP Rescue with skin infections, ear infections and scratched constantly. We hoped it would be something as simple as a food allergy, but were suspicious it would be much more – and cost much more. We took her anyway. This young, bouncy, sweet dog had just the most wonderful demeanor. We are quite sure most humans would be quite grumpy with this much discomfort – not Scarlett! She endured twice weekly medicated baths and took her medications like a trooper. She ate the special food a bit hesitantly, but got used to it. And, although we made progress on how she looked, it was clear there would be more intervention needed.  Like $1300 of intervention needed so far.

The costs of testing and specialists have finally given us an accurate picture of what little Miss Scarlett is allergic to and what her skin needs to heal. We found a medication that keeps her from itching for now. This allows the vets to make a serum specially for Scarlett that will, hopefully, make her “immune” to those allergens. It also gives her future family the information they need to avoid some of the things that make this poor girl itch!

For now, Scarlett is safe and happy in a wonderful foster home. She has two canine boys to play with and two human boys to snuggle with. They are also working together as a family to help Scarlett get over some noise phobias they’ve discovered since they began fostering her. She is making great progress at trusting her humans and learning not to fear the loud noises. She has a little stash of toys she hoards in her crate. She minds well and wants to please, and she endears them to her more every day.

The clock is ticking for Scarlett, however. Her foster family is getting transferred out of state in a few short weeks and we’d really like to find a forever home by then. She has had enough transition in her 3 years.

If you’d like to be a Rescue Hero and donate each month – any amount – you can help all of the future Scarlett’s who deserve a second chance and a comfortable life!

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Scarlett’s medical bills so far have exceeded $1300. If you are interested in helping with her medical bills, you can donate below. Thank you for your continued support!

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